Misconceptions on Drug
Use and Dependency
A pill on a piece of glass that is shattering
HS Awareness Month Social Campaign
My Top 3 Asthma Trigger
a person holding an inhaler surrounded by sharp speech bubbles
pollution coming ooff the earth effecting a woman's allergies
Is Climate Change Making Your Allergies Worse?​​​​​​​
Exploring Art therapy
RA Awareness Month Social Campaign
Tips for Affording
Your Epinephrine Pens

a coin being broken in half revealing an Epinephrine Pen
vines wrapping around a clock, crock pot, medication, a pillow, and a tv
Day In the Life of Someone
with Chronic Pain

It's Okay to Grieve in Diabetes
A face looking sad emerging from the back of a birdA face looking sad emerging from the back of a bird
Sheep jumping a fence asleep and one sheep awake looking annoyed
Overcoming My Envy
and Accepting Insomnia

My Mental Challenges as
a Type 2 Diabetic
a ladder leaning against a brick wall in the silhouette of a persons head
A doctor shadow coming out of a phone with medical records on it
Using Telehealth To
Manage Type 2 Diabetes
Toxic Masculinity and
Sickle Cell Disease
a male statue holding up a boulder with sickle cells on it while in pain
a lunch box with a refresh symbol in it
Swapping Out Your
Snacks for Diabetes
Depression, Illness & Oversleeping
A woman sinking into a bed
an hourglass where the sand is food
The Frustration of Ever-Changing 
Food Allergies

The lasting effects of childhood trauma
a man putting together a puzzel of a trophy
6 health goals for warriors
to set this year

The effects of toxic positivity
An Asthmatic Christmas Story
Asthma Treatment Changes
and Self-Compassion
A cat with its tail wrapped around an inhaler
tuna, milk, soybean, sesame, shrimp, wheat, eggs, peanuts
Developing New Food Allergies​​​​​​​
Here Comes the Heat
and Asthma Attacks!
a megaphone with a speech bubble coming out with a buss, clock, and mask
Asking for Help &
Applying for Disability

Sickle Cell & Alternative Therapies
a pill open with tea, vegetables, fruits, and vitamins coming out
a man laying on the ground with a storm over a brain on his back
The Emotional Toll​​​​​​​
Keeping Your Marriage Strong
After a Diabetes Diagnosis
hands with a book, red cross, brain, heart, book, speech bubble, and rings floating between them
a chain link with the center link being a question mark
Type 2 Diabetes and PCOS:
What’s the Connection?
How Has Your Diabetes Approach Changed Over the Years?
two faces facing each-other with sand falling bettween them
T2D Emoji Prompts 
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