Memo seeks to synthesize a patient’s qualitative and quantitative data into a clear and comprehensive report that considers contextual health factors and fosters a more effective partnership between health providers and patients to manage patient health needs. Contextual health factors and social determinants of health are integral aspects of health goal setting and treatment plans.
Memo consists of a patient facing and a doctor facing portal that communicate
Moving forward, this project will facilitate greater patient participation and comprehension of personal health needs and contextual health factors. By synthesizing patient information and providing a clear and concise report for health care teams, this project fosters faster provider recognition of areas of concern and a greater understanding of the impact of contextual health factors. The project will also connect people with similar health needs and/or contextual factors to allow for a more community based health approach. People are already writing down and tracking their data, whether actively through handwritten notes or passively through technologies like fit bit, apple watch and so on. The future exists in analyzing patient data to determine appropriate responsive and proactive actions that aid both individuals, groups and communities.
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