Sprout is a diabetes prevention program that encourages elementary age kids to eat healthy and be active through games.Sprout partners with schools, community groups and families to spread the word about diabetes and its impact/effects. Sprout has a cast of characters that lead the learning experience, the heroes are healthy fruits and vegetable while the villains are sugary or fatty snacks. The program’s teaching tools are designed to work in a variety of learning environments, a matching card game can be played quickly to accommodate short attention spans or the grocery store board game can engage older children with strategy and luck. An activity book provides important information about healthy eating and being active that is great for classrooms or individual kid engagement. Families are encouraged to shop and cook together through the mobile app, turning a trip to the store in to a healthy foods scavenger hunt. My components I focused on where the card game and board game.
Knights of the Round Table
The Knight of The Round Table turns fruits and vegetables into our heroes having the kids searching to find all the Knights of the Round Table pairs and match them all before all the Bad Food Baddies are found
The Cards
Supermarket Quest
Super market quest teaches kids about the 5 main food group while showing them how shopping around the perimeter of a supermarket can help you find healthy options
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